Our Mission

The Pan-African Student Association (formally known as COAS) aspires to foster a strong solidarity among identifying African descended peoples, allies of the continent and its diaspora and scholars of cultural, political, economic and social issues of contemporary or historical significance to Africa and its diaspora.

Our association hopes to create awareness of the rich cultural diversity, history and present state of Africa and its diaspora through its on-campus programming as well as through collaborations with groups, initiatives and institutions of similar interest across the globe.

All members of the Pan African Student Association’ initiatives will align with the objectives of the African Union as outlined in its official charter, and will draw from seminal works on Pan Africanism by authors Kwame Nkrumah, Marcus Garvey, and William E Du Bois along with other academics of relevance to the Pan-Africanist cause.


Our Vision

Our Association aspires to:

  • Foster solidarity among members and scholars of the African and diasporic communities at Cornell University

  • Develop and coordinate African Student activities in conjunction with the Administration, the Student Association, and other student organizations. This includes improving the quality of life of African descended students at Cornell University by arranging social activities and other cultural and events

  • Be a central unifying organization for the various African and diasporic student associations on campus, and a bridge between institutional departments, scholars and initiatives with an African focus.

  • Raise awareness and to arouse interest within Cornell University and the Ithaca community of the cultures and affairs of African descended peoples.  

  • Cooperate with non-Cornell regional and/or national student bodies concerned with or engaged in activities promoting the welfare of the African continent and its diaspora through sustainable development.

  • Organize an alumni network and career database, accessible to Cornell students, for employment or internship opportunities that align with the Coalition’s mission


Our Constitution

You can view the Pan-African Student Association constitution here.



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